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The average MLB game

Let's get right into this. The Average MLB game has...

  1. 275 Pitches 
  2. Uses 46 Baseballs
  3. 8.544 Runs, with 4.269 scored by the home team and 4.206 scored by the away team
  4. 1.368 runs scored in the seventh inning or later.
  5. 17.424 Hits
  6. 3.44 Doubles
  7. 1.824 Homers
  8. 0.368 Triples
The average Starting Pitching line is

  1. 6.072 Innings 
  2. 2.7432 Runs
  3. 1.928 Walks
  4. 4.536 K's
The average line from the 1 though 4 hitters in a lineup

  1. Leadoff Hitter: 0.68 Runs Scored, 1.12 Hits. 4.24 At-Bats
  2. #2 Hitter: 0.56 Runs Scored, .408 RBI's, 1.064 Hits
  3. #3 Hitter: .584 RBI's, 0.144 HR's
  4. Cleanup Hitter: 0.152 HR's, 0.616 RBI's.
This game, with at least these exact stats, has occurred 802 Times this year, roughly 22% of all games this year.

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Baseball America LIES!!

Thanks to those who read my first 5 posts.

I'm posting this just as my Mets lose another awful game, so If this post gets a little testy, You'll know why. Nonetheless, Lets get right into this. Baseball's trading deadline has come and went, and because of that, many GM's have to decide whether their Seller's or Buyer's at the deadline. The valuation of prospects becomes key for both the Sellers and Buyers. Because of that, I decided to see how top MLB prospects fare.

  1. First, I Looked at The top five prospects, according to Baseball America, every year since 1990, The first year BA recorded this list.
  2. I then recorded What percentage of these players became All-Stars.
  3. I I looked through this list of players for any CY-Young, or MVP award winners
  4. Lastly, I checked to see if any of these players did not record an MLB appearance
The Results:

  1. Percentage that turned into All-Stars: 58%
  2. Percentage that turned into MVP Award Winners: 7%
  3. Percentage that turned into CY-Young WInners: 0%
  4. Percentage that didn't appear in an MLB game: 1.1% (Brien Taylor)

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No Post today.

Thanks to all you Beutiful People who read my first Five posts. Unfortunately, My thousands of screaming fans will be dissapointed to learn that there is no post today. However, Because i love all of you, Please Comment or message me topics here or on Twitter (@BmoneyWordUp). Heck, If you want to, Find My adress, and send me a  well written letter. Its happened before. If I pick your topic, In my post ill have a link to your profile and also favorite you as a user 
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Statistically, the Fastest player in the MLB is..

Thanks to you fine people for reading. If you want to be really cool, check out my first, second, third, and fourth posts..

I like to use this blog to solve some of the biggest debates in sports. So for todays post, I decided to attack the topic of fastest player in the MLB.
  1. First, I looked online for lists of claims of the fastest MLB players
  2. Next i found video of everyone of those players hitting a triple and timed them from bat hitting ball to hand/feet touching 3rd base
  3. I then did the same thing, this time with Stolen Bases. Timing from the time the player makes his initial move toward Second Base to the hand/foot making contact with the base.
  4. I then looked online for the players' 40 yard dash time.
  5. I then ranked each of these players 1-11 in all three catagories. I then added each players catagory scores together. My final rankings consisit of the lowest combined ranking #1. And Highest compined ranking #2.

If you are confused at the rankings at all, please ask in the comments.

Here are the results in the Rank, Player, Total combined Score, Triple Rank, Steal Rank, 40 yard dash rank.format

   1A. Jacoby Ellsbury. 10,6,1,3
   1B. Rajai Davis. 10,5,4,1
   3. Carl Crawford. 11,1,6,4
   4. Brett Gardner. 13,4,2,7
   5. Ichiro Suzuki. 14,2,3,9
   6A. Jose Reyes 17,8,7,2
   6B Michael Bourn  17,3,8,6
   8A Nyjer Morgan 24,9,5,10
   8B Carlos Gomez 24,10,9,5
   10 Ben Revere 25,7,10,8
   11 Elvis Andrus 33,11,11,11

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Jered Weaver should have WAY more than 14 wins

Thanks a ton to those who read my first, second, and third posts.

CY Young candidate Jered Weaver is having a fantastic season, He is leading the MLB in ERA, and is 3rd in Whip. However, the stat that jumps out at me are his 14 wins, which, amazingly is 3rd in the AL. This stat is so fascinating because Weaver is 2nd to last in the MLB in Run Support. An interesting point on the statistical side of things is the fact that John Lackey, the player that gets the best Run Support in the MLB, has the WORST ERA of anyone in the MLB. Because of that, I decided to calculate how Weaver would do if his run support was better, adjusting for the bullpen of the respective team 

  1. First, I compared his starts to everyone of John Lackey's starts. (Since Lackey only had 20 starts, compared to Weaver's 25, I took Lackey's Run Support average as the run support given in the extra 5 games.)
  2. Next, I did the same thing for the player with the second best Run support in the league, Derek Holland
  3. I then calculated Weaver's record if he received the MLB average Run Support for every one of his Starts
  4. After that, I did the same as above, but this time used the Seattle Mariners, the worst scoring team in baseball's, Runs a game average
  5. Finally, i calculated Weavers Win-Loss if he received the Runs per Game of the highest scoring team in MLB history, the Boston Beaneaters, who averaged over 7 runs per game  

  1. Weaver w/ John Lackey run support... 19-3 (using Jonathan Papelbon save percentage for Bullpen factor)
  2. Weaver w/ Derek Holland run support... 18-3 (using Neftali Feliz save percentage for Bullpen factor)
  3. Weaver w/ MLB Average run support... 17-1 Using MLB average save percentage for Bullpen factor)
  4. Weaver w/ 2011 Seattle Mariners run support... 19-3 (using Brandon League save percentage for Bullpen factor)
  5. Weaver w/ 1894 Boston Beaneater run support... 24-1 (using Closer Tom Smith save percentage as Bullpen factor)

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Uggla's Hitting Streak is at... 1.

First of all, Thanks to all who read my first and second posts. 

On July 5th against Colorado, Braves Second baseman, Dan Uggla, went 2 for 2. This was the start of his now Braves record 33 game hitting streak. A couple days ago, Uggla went hitless for the first time in a month, breaking the streak. Alot has changed in baseball and sports, however since the streak began. For Example... 

  1.  There were only 7 members of the 600 Homerun Club
  2. There was one less member of the 300 Saves Club
  3. The Yankees had never had a player with  3,000 career hits
  4. The Pirates were 3 games over .500. (They are now 6 games under .500)
  5. The Yankees, Indians, Angels, Phillies, Cardinals, and Giants were the 6 division leaders (now only the Phillies remain on top in their division)
  6. The NFL is locked out with no end in site
  7. Dustin Pedroia's eventual 25 game hitting streak was at 6 games
  8. Uggla was being called a flop
  9. Baseball was a more peaceful place (BOS-BAL LAA-DET SF-PHI )
  10. If there was an NFL season, the New York Giants were favored to win the NFC EAST . Now, the Eagles are the clear favorites

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A stat that lets us, the fans know if we matter.

First of all, thanks to all those who read my first post.
For this post, I wanted to get fans involved in the statistical side of the game, but I couldn't find any stats at all that took Fans into account. So, obviously, I made my own. I like to call it fWPA, or Fan Winning Percentage Added.
  1. I started out by looking at all games this MLB season where the Attendance was more than the average draw by the team. For example, Citizens Bank Park, the Phillies Home average attendance is 45,502, I looked at all games with at least that much attendance.
  2. I then recorded the percentage of those games in which the home team won 
  3. And, Finally compared it with the teams home winning percentage.
 Here are the three best, and three worst in fWPA.

fWPA Leaders
  1.  FLORIDA Marlins 10.6%
  2. TORONTO Blue Jays 7.6%
  3. COLORADO Rockies 6.4%

Worst fWPA in MLB

  1. TAMPA BAY Rays -12.8%
  2. BALTIMORE Orioles -12.0%
  3. SAN DIEGO Padres -11.7%

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The Long Anticipated debut of... Stat's All Folks

Adam Dunn has been cold his last 4 games, even for him, going 1 for his last 14, lowering his season batting average to .161. Because of that, I decided to look-up how good a hypothetical pitcher who only faced Adam Dunn would do using this formula:

1) Dividing 2011 Dunn's Plate Appearance total by 3 to get Innings   

2) Dividing His Runs Produced (RBI+Runs-HR) by Innings to get ERA 

3) Dividing His Walk's + Hits by Innings to get WHIP

4) Dividing his Strikeouts by Innings, Then that number divided by 9 to get K/9

The Results, plus, for comparison, the same done for one of The AL's best hitters, Adrian Gonzalez.

Adam Dunn Pitcher:136 IP. 4.03 ERA. 0.85 WHIP(Would lead MLB). .161 BA-Against (Would Also Lead MLB) 9.66 K/9. (Would be 2nd in AL)

Adrian Gonzalez Pitcher: 177.3 IP. 7.81 ERA. 1.20 WHIP. .351 BA-Against. 4.11 K/9

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